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Jermoh has a keen passion and aptitude for understanding and addressing socioeconomic issues in health and education having worked, interned and volunteered in the USA, Dominican Republic, India, Ghana and Liberia. She is an adjunct faculty at Clark University (fall 2019).

She is the founder, CEO & President at HVK Children’s Foundation, an international non-governmental organization (NGO), based in Worcester and Liberia. Her work is impacting over a thousand students at six rural partner schools, where she launched an offline e-learning portal. She also trained teachers and built school latrines to improve the learning and health of all the students and teachers.

She is also essential on the Roothbert Fund board, a foundation that provides

scholarships to undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. students. As a young person who has benefited from several college readiness and funding opportunities, Jermoh believes that underrepresented students can succeed in anything they put their minds to when they are given the opportunities.

Whatever It Takes, Nothing is Impossible!

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Interview with School Committee candidate, Jermoh Kamara at Worcester State University. 

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