Who is Jermoh Kamara?

Born in Liberia having migrated to Worcester, MA at the age of eleven, Jermoh Kamara

attended the following public schools:

  • Canterbury Street School
  • Dr. Arthur F. Sullivan Middle School
  • South High Community School
  • Providence College, B.S & B.A in Health Policy and Management and Community Health
  • New York Medical College School, Master's in Global & Public Health & is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)

Jermoh's goals in representing the families and students of the Worcester Public Schools include:

Increase Diversity of New Hires

Strategizing with the school superintendent to increase the diversity of new hires from 8% in 2019 to 17% by 2021 (as stated in the Strategic Plan for Education in Worcester 2018-2023). An excellent education system is a diverse and inclusive place of learning. It makes a huge difference when children have teachers, administrators, and mentors who they can relate to. Having educators of diverse backgrounds can create a safe and more inclusive learning environment, which may contribute to a reduction in disenfranchisement, suspensions and dropout rates (highest among the Latino, African- American and Asian students).

Coordinated S.T.E.A.M Programs as Early as Elementary school

Expanding on already established opportunities in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics (STEAM) and college readiness programs to attract underrepresented and all students starting from elementary (3rd grade) through high school. Jermoh's plan will leverage and scale up effective programs run by various universities and organizations in Worcester, into our public schools. She will work to ensure that these programs are goal and performance oriented and are meeting the needs of our children. Findings from Worcester Strategic Plan shows that by 2024, 75% of jobs will be in health, technology, management, and services but will require a post secondary credential (professional certificate, bachelor's degree, or graduate degree). As of 2018, only 37% of WPS students hold a post secondary credential (associate degree or higher).

Coordinated School Health Programs

Leveraging what is already done or creating innovative health initiatives to improve the health and safety of our children. Where we live, work, play and learn impacts our overall health. Behavior change is effective when strategies for one to make healthy choices are established in the communities where one live, learn, work and play.



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